Four was a very good year, apparently

“I want to go back to be four again”, a sad-faced Jilly just said to me.

“Why? You are going to be six soon!”, I said to my little miserable one.

“Because five has been bad, and six will be badder. Younger is better.”


Although she really got into dressing up for her sister’s birthday tea party


  1. So cute! Looks like Jilly was first to devour her cupcake too.

  2. She looks beautiful!

  3. My daughter is the same, always waxing sentimental about “back when she was four”.

  4. The Cooking Lady says

    OMG A tea party. Why wasn’t I invited. Snap…I would have had a great time.

    Lovely picture.

  5. CUUUUUUTE! Grandma just giggled seeing Jilly in her clip-on earrings!

  6. Adorable picture! All the kiddos had a great time!

  7. Subspace Beacon says

    Love the jewellery!

    Already being wistful about being younger? For me that didn’t start till age 35.

  8. She’s a doll, even if she’s a washed-up-soon-to-be-6-year-old.

  9. aww, She looks gorgeous! I want a tea party for my birthday! Having all boys there are times I miss things like that…

  10. Dysd Housewife says

    Awwww! Thats’ adorable!

    I have to agree with her. Younger is definitely better. Can I go back to um.. 28 please?

  11. Major Bedhead says

    Oh, that’s so bittersweet.

  12. You are such a cool Mom. This year, I sent the kids to the basement playroom with their friends and said, “have at it – I’ll call you when the Pizza arrives.” I was theme-less…

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