I need Party Planners Anonymous’ 12-step program

I think I need an intervention to separate me from this laptop.

You see, I have been researching my daughter’s sixth birthday party.

I take birthday parties very seriously. I suppose it is because I am no longer in the high-stress world of advertising and need an outlet for all the energy I forced my body to expend for years on end (I do realize that raising three kids, homeschooling, working part time and maintaining two blogs is work enough, but let’s just say that party planning is a three-times-a-year obsession, and I am definitely an obsessive sort of person).

So Jilly is having a Fairy Party. Maybe a Forest Fairy Party. Or a Pixie Party. Or a Butterfly-and-Fairy Party. Definitely NOT a Tinkerbell or “Disney Fairies” party. Think: twinkly lights, pinks and greens, twigs and flowers. . .but probably not toadstools and elves. More girlie than that.

So, I found this cute party idea on Martha Stewart’s site which should have been enough to stop myself in my tracks. First, it is Martha Stewart. She takes party planning to Level You’ve-Got-To-Be-Kidding.

Second, her pixie party involves getting two white ponies and staging them in your yard (I kid you not). I’m not sure where the hell I’d find two white ponies, but it’ll be March, so chances are these poor animals would be shivering and pooping all over my (not gigantic) backyard.

Also, she says you should ask your guests to come in nightgowns and have the party at twilight since this is when fairies are most likely to appear. Based on the photos, her guests must shop at “Ethereal World” because not one of them is in a Pink Disney Princess nightgown or footsie PJ’s. Plus, like I mentioned before: March. In New England. I’d hate to send the girls home with frostbite as their party favor.

However, this did not stop me. I was smitten by the sweet little headpieces Martha had on all the little girls. And, so I spent at least an hour today (maybe much more; I refused to look at the clock) searching for “prewired millinery flower buds“. I still have no idea what a millinery is but it may have something to do with hats. Or frustration. Or maybe it’s Martha code for, “ha, sucker! Think you can throw a party as cool as me?”

Alas, my search was for naught. Tis probably for the best since I doubt any of the girls coming to this little soiree will sit still long enough to balance a wire head piece on their head.


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  1. Hi,
    New here.:) White ponies and nightgowns?? Yeah, I think Martha needs a dose of reality, because that’s really not likely for most folks. There must be a way to throw your own version of a ‘fairy birthday party.’

  2. Indigo Virgo says

    d’oh. That link is not working for me. Damn Martha and her non-Safari-friendly website.

    March is tough. I’m planning a FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman party for my 7- year-old, and outside would be so much better.

  3. I ACTUALLY DID THAT PARTY! Yes, I did. But a good friend owns a riding stable and she brought over a sturdy little pony with sparkles in his mane (in late May). WE skipped the nightgowns, though, because NO ONE wears white nightgowns anymore and a yard full of little girls in Hannah MOntana jammies isn’t the image I was going for.
    We go mental for party planning, too. OBVIOUSLY.

  4. Fairly Odd Mother says

    Hi Hannah and welcome! There are tons of GREAT ideas on the internet which is probably why I’ve spent about 1000 hours online already researching it. It’s so hard to narrow the ideas down to what is realistic for a bunch of 5-6 year old girls. Restraint is not my middle name!

    Indigo Virgo, my link wasn’t working either but it had worked for several days; hopefully MS can figure it out! (and my oldest would love a Fetch party–there must be some fun activities you can do with that theme!)

    And, Beck, I’ve emailed you directly, but I’ll say it again, “WHOA! You are my hero!” Maybe I should just borrow some of my neighbors’ bunnies and scatter them around the living room for that ‘forest’ feel? ; )

  5. Dysd Housewife says

    I love Martha. She is SO delusional. What better entertainment could we ask for? LOL

  6. I will admit that I need that PPA program as well. Unfortunately, my kids birthdays are Sept, Oct, and Dec. I live in a state of poverty the last three months of the year.

    I don’t see ponies as part of a fairy party…I’d have looked at her site and thought WTH?

    And my word verif. is telestud. I had to giggle out loud at work at that one.

  7. I am 36 years old and my mom still throws extravagant parties for my birthday. Last summer the theme was "gnomes." The previous year, "fairies." Think toadstools. Think flowers and frogs. My mom sculpted tiny fairies from that Crayola "clay" that hardens in the air & is feather-light–their wings were made of crepe paper she'd painted. Forget Martha…make flowered crowns w/long flowing ribbons to hang down their backs–and crepe paper pixie hats (for boys–if there will be any)! Make & paint fairy doors for take-home crafts/favors!

    Have fun!


  8. I’m with you, my friend. I just spent most of today reading and looking up ideas for birthdays. Also, dh’s big 40 year b’day is just a few weeks behind and I need to figure out what I am going to do. Ahhh!!!

  9. Let me know what you come up with…my daughter wants a fairy party too! teehee

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