Need to laugh about something?

Happy New Year!

Still sticking to those resolutions? Nah, me either. But, if a less-than-iron willpower is depressing, at least I have something to make you smile:


My December 2008 ROFL award goes to Dysfunctional Housewife for the short-but-hilarious conversation with her husband, titled “And the *unobservant husband award* goes to. . .“ .

Check out all this month’s winners at Oh, The Joys and Chicky Chicky Baby, because we could all use a laugh these days.

If you want to play along next month, just read the rules here.


  1. Dysd Housewife says

    Thanks again for the award. I think however you should check out my post on “Dirty Hairy” THAT will have you doing a spittake.. 🙂

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