Resolutions, schmezolutions. . .

It’s the “thing to do” this time of year, isn’t it? Make a list of all those things you want to change or improve in your life and then, by March, realize with a start that you’ve let them all slide.

Sounds awful, doesn’t it?

And, yet, here I go:

1. Do something “exercise-like” every day. It could be five minutes of sit ups, a few lifts of a hand weight or a half-marathon (ha!), but just something, ANYTHING would be an improvement over what I did in 2008.

2. Play more games with the kids. This will be a tough one because they LOVE Clue Jr, and I effing HATE Clue Jr.

3. Send out more birthday cards, not of the “belated” variety.

4. Spend some time each Sunday doing the following: planning our school week, writing cards (see #3) and deciding what we’ll have for dinner all week.

5. Keep my hair colored and cut, so that I don’t have this embarrassing skunk stripe down the middle of my head. Also, get my kids’ hair cut before they all look like mop heads, like they do now.

6. Become more social. Have more people over for dinner, drinks, movies, Guitar Hero showdowns.

7. Drink more water.

8. Figure out how to do this “work at home” thing more productively, namely, being able to get on the computer without getting sucked into Twitter, Facebook or funny YouTube videos.

So, any bets on which one of these I’ll stick to best? Which ones I’ll bemoan in a week or two?


  1. I am betting on “being able to get on the computer without getting sucked into Twitter, Facebook or funny YouTube videos.” Facebook is like crack!

  2. Water. You’ll stick to that. Clue sucks.

  3. Subspace Beacon says

    I’ve decided in the name of efficiency to not even bother with resolutions. Why set myself up for failure?

    Of your list, I think #7 is most viable. Good luck.

  4. Steer clear of Spongebob Life. It’s the WORST.

    7 is totally do-able. And #6, not a big deal until you become the ‘go-to’ house and then, not as much fun.

    But #8? Good luck.

  5. Well I think #6 is on our list too, so we can certainly help you with that!

  6. Traceytreasure says

    Hopefully #1 and #7 will be a breeze!!
    I was going to do yoga every day in 2008. I think I did it on New Year’s Day and June 1st!! LOL!!

    I cut my kid’s hair so trying to keep up with the fact that they are growing like weeds with long hair is very much my reality on a daily basis!!

    Happy new year and hugs!!

    P.S. Try a memory game with your little ones. My daughter loves to beat me at that!! LOL!!

  7. My new years resolution is to stop dyeing my hair for a year because I dyed it so much in 2008 that it’s now falling out in big handfulls AND it’s also a flat black colour. Awesome.

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