Who’s that sleeping in my bed?

I’m never sure who I’ll find in my bed.

Ever since we finally moved D out of our bed (the only place he’d ever slept), I can expect him to creep back in around 3am. He usually snuggles right in and falls to sleep. Call me creepy, but I can’t bear the thought of putting him back in his own bed. Maybe I’ll do it when he starts smelling like a boy.

Sometimes, though, I’ll wake to find a little blond head nestled under my chin, and just as I’m putting my arms around what I think is my little guy, he’ll show up next to the bed whispering, “UP!”

Such is life with two children of similar size and hair styles, despite being eighteen months apart and different genders.

Jilly has been sneaking into our bed about twice a week for the past few months. She is almost six, so I have no problem quietly bringing her back to her room and putting her back in her own bed. But, more than once, I’ve picked up the child I thought was Jilly only to see that it is D when I deposit him in her bed. In my defense, I’m as blind as a bat without my glasses, in the dark.

D, as the youngest, gets dibs on our bed, even though I do feel guilty about moving Jilly back. I’ve tried to let them both stay, but two children make me too warm and uncomfortable, even in our big king-size bed.

At least the oldest, Belly, knows to wait until Fairly Odd Father has gone to work in the wee hours of the morning before she sneaks into his spot in the bed.

I hear that there are families whose children stay in their bed all night long, but I think they use a lot of duct tape.


  1. When my boys were little, they often got into “da big bed.” Although sleeping with windmills was not always fun, they soon (too soon) grew out of the habit.

    Enjoy it while you can.

  2. I didn’t mind coming in back when their dad worked nights. Now with him there, the kids, and my big pregnant butt I’m out of room and sweating most of the night. LOL

    The joys of bed sneakers. 🙂

  3. Monkey sometimes wants to sleep in the big bed. But he never falls asleep, he’s a little tornado, so we end up putting him back to bed often. Duct tape might solve this problem. Thanks for the tip 😉

  4. My son crawled in every morning, after my husband got up, until he was almost ten. My girl? At eight she still crawls in while we’re sleeping.

    I used to feel guilty, now I just enjoy because these snugglies don’t last forever…

  5. Lindsay Jean says

    At least your kids are heading for a bed! When I was little I used to sneak out of bed and fall asleep at the top of the stairs while listening to the grown-ups talk downstairs. Then they’d come up to go to sleep and step on me. My mother was sure I was going to roll down someday!

  6. All 3 of the boys have slept in our bed at one time or another. Peyton is still in our bed at night, and we are about to down size from a California King to a Queen. Moving again our bed is just to big. When we moved here the inspector gave us a choice, we could bring our bed, or the headboard and footboard. um, yeah, we opted for the actual bed. I really want a bedroom (you know complete with furniture) My goal is to get everyone in their own bed by the time we move! Maybe I can even get the husband his own twin bed??

  7. This post gives me hope and fear in one fell swoop. Silas hasn’t really slept by himself and Annabel (until relatively recently) never really slept with us.

    Now we have everyone around 3 a.m.

    Too tired to move them back. Too tired to fight it. Sometimes I just go to the couch. Sometimes I go to her room with the boy.

    And my word verification is happi

  8. SuburbanCorrespondent says

    Enjoy the snuggles while you can! My husband and I have totally given up on getting the 3-year-old (our youngest) out. She’ll leave on her own soon enough.

  9. Subspace Beacon says

    We only co-bedded with the dog. By the time the kids came around every square inch of mattress had been spoken for, the bulk of it being claimed by the 70lb Rottweiler. As for the human babies, they’re more than happy being in their own beds. So much so that they’ve refused my attempts to move the dog over. Selfish lil’ shits.

  10. Really? Some families have kids in their own beds?

  11. That’s the great thing about older siblings…I can encourage them to co-sleep so I don’t have to.


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