Debbie Does Dallas, but replace "Dallas" with "NYC" and "Debbie" with my name and then get your head out of the gutter

I’ve decided that if I lived in New York City, I’d be sweaty all the time.

And confused.

And stuck in a subway turnstile (oh, yes, I did get stuck and it sure isn’t easy to do).

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE going to the city. It’s just that I’m about as natural in the city as a baby deer in high heels.

But, when I had the opportunity to go to NYC for my most cool job to cover Toy Fair, I jumped at the chance. Two days without children! On my own! Wearing grown-up clothes and handing out business cards!

The only thing I forgot to do was train for a marathon. Because walking around Toy Fair for two days is like walking a marathon of epic proportions. Especially when you are carrying a heavy laptop and about two dozen press kits.

If you are wondering what I saw at Toy Fair, let me just say that you do not have to worry: even in these times of recession, there are plenty of people making loads of toys for your children. Some of them are great and many are not.

But, eh, who am I to judge those who want to play a little Finger Football? To each their own.


  1. Ooh, ooh, ooh! I love Toy Fair! I even worked it a few times in a long-past previous life. Such fun!

    PS A turnstile? How on earth?

  2. You did NOT carry a laptop the whole time. Holy crap. Go get a massage.

  3. Subspace Beacon says

    Finger football? Is that like “tonsil hockey”?

  4. You definitely don’t come across as a NYC Gal…. but I am sure you’d figure it out after living there for several years…. that being said…

    I feel like a 13 year old when I say, “Luckyyyyyyyy”

    I hope you had fun, grown up dinners, and can post some very cool reviews!

  5. Lol, I like Subspace Beacon’s comment. I thought the exact same thing.

  6. The Cooking Lady says

    Just thinking of going into a city makes me break out in a sweat. I grew up in the city, but loathe it with a passion.

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