One down, part deux

Again this morning, Fairly Odd Father kissed me goodbye and left for several days. He’ll be home late this week.

We have a busy week, full of playdates and activities and projects, so I know the time will pass quickly. I may even try to do some limited Shredding, although with my knee still out of wack and now my shoulder seized, the only exercise I can probably do safely is the Kegel, which is, interestingly, not part of the Shred regimen. If Jillian spit out three babies in under four years, I bet she’d be telling us to Kegel. Just sayin’.

And I certainly have enough reading material to keep me occupied (seriously, you guys are awesome).

But, at around 9pm, when the kids fall to sleep, I really feel alone. If FOF goes away too much more, you can bet he’s going to return home one night to find that I’ve decided to increase our family by one canine.


  1. Sorry to hear you are going it alone again! That was a normal occurrance for me for a while.
    If this is going to be an all the time thing, I’m with you, get yourself a pooch!

  2. Yeah, when my husband is away, there is a part of me that enjoys it. Cereal for dinner (or brownies), the remote all to myself. Until around 9pm when I start hearing every noise and realize I have to go to bed by myself.

  3. Subspace Beacon says

    You’re so funny.

    Good luck with the Shred-athon. You are braver than I.

  4. Issas Crazy World says

    I am with you. My husband has been working past when I’m asleep and then getting up at 5am to do it all over again. Thank god for the internet. Although, the internet isn’t so uh…fresh. 😉

  5. I know it can be hard when the daddy’s have to go away and it is harder to keep all the routines in check! I like to have a movie night or do something special with the kids, maybe a pizza night for dinner.

  6. momranoutscreaming says

    I completely disagree. While I do the shred video I hold the longest Keigel in the world through all of the jumping jacks and jump rope so I don’t pee in my pants. It’s so a part of that exercise program 🙂 Yup, I’ve had three kids.

  7. Vintagesquirrel says

    Hey, I just saw on twitter that you mentioned Fancy Pants. I live in that town…where’re you? (I don’t think you follow me, so I thought I’d comment here.)


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