Shredding Like an Oldie

For the most part, I do not feel my age.

But on Day 6 of my “30-Day Shred”, my right knee decided to feel its age.

My knees have long been my nemesis in exercise. I have incredibly bony knee caps, and judging by the way my father walked as he got older, they will someday cause me to walk in the same stiff way.

And, it didn’t help that one drunken night in college, I fell HARD on my knees and woke up unable to get out of bed. Six weeks of crutches and leg supports seemed to help a bit, but they’ve never really been the same.

So for the past three days, I’ve been Shredding like someone a few decades older than my (cough) 41 years, at least from the waist down. I’m happy to report that, from the waist up, I’m getting stronger—I can actually feel arm muscles again and the sit ups are a cinch.

Hopefully I’ll be back to Shredding full strength soon, though. I think Jillian is starting to give me dirty looks through the television screen.



  1. Subspace Beacon says

    Maybe you should shift gears — Richard Simmons, maybe?

  2. Suburb Sierra says

    Seeeee – you almost had me at “muscles in my arms” as I tend to knock over small children with my arm flab. But the gym is my salvation to finding “me time” and Lord knows I won’t exercise twice a day 😉

  3. Right now I am doing a Tabata style workout.. It is killing me. At least I know I have abs because I can feel them under all this fat!

  4. You and me both. Billy Blanks is effing up my knees. I’m waddling around. Sad. I saw “Shimmy” on FitTV (belly-dancercise!) and was tempted to try that. Then I realized I’d probably black out from laughing.

  5. Oh right, the KNEES! Thanks for reminding me why I always end up quitting the gym three days after I join. And for giving me an excuse not to have shredded with y’all.

  6. You know, you’re the third blogger I know who’s hurt their knees doing the shred. I’ve already got the knees of a 90 year old so I think I’d better just stick to the gym…


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