Kitchen Catchup

I’m sure my loved ones, and my Twitter followers, are tired of me talking about Kitchen Reno 2010. I act like the first person to ever deal with the hardships of No Stove! No Kitchen Sink! And, the kicker, Why Did I Ever Get Rid of a Microwave?

Laura Ingalls is smirking at me from somewhere out there.

But I thought I’d share some recent photos for those who care about this sort of thing. I’m a bit giddy with excitement, especially since I now have a working stove and a kitchen sink! Also, my wood floors are showing again which makes the room look less “workspace-ish” than in these photos.




A few notes: Above the stove will be a big honking vent that had better work like the dickens since this is a huge reason we did this remodel (we had to move the stove to an exterior wall). Next week, the wall will be tiled and the awful painted faux tile will be gone forever!

And a couple of days ago, my countertops were installed. I kissed them when I finally saw them. That’s normal, right? This is Spyder Soapstone and I love, love, love it. I haven’t oiled it yet, but this is the color wet which should be pretty close to what it’ll look like oiled:


And, in case you forgot, here is what my old kitchen looked like just a few short weeks ago.

More photos to follow soon!


  1. Boston Mamas says


  2. The Girl Next Door says

    Gorgeous! I went a summer without a kitchen while then-husband remodeled. It was totally worth the wait! We did so much remodeling in this house, my friends asked me, "How do you live like that?" and I said, "We sing a song, 'It'll be nice when it's finished.'" And it always was! Congrats.

  3. Chicky Chicky Baby says

    LOVE IT. And those counters? *swoon*

  4. Issas Crazy World says

    Oooohhh you are getting somewhere. YAY!!!

  5. Sorry – I deleted that because I asked a stupid question and then knew the answer the minute I hit Submit.

    Anywa! I LOVE the soapstone! And no, I am a house-voyuer, so I never get tired of reno talk. Can't wait to see the final product!

    Oh – and some sad news. We redid our kitchen last summer, and it was a crashing disappointment to realize that it was not self-cleaning. Sorry.

  6. So glad to see pictures!

  7. Suburb Sierra says

    SWEET! We'll be over for Christmas Eve 😉

  8. SO JEALOUS!!! I've been living with my hunter green faux marble counters for ten years and I want to lie naked on your soapstone. Er… awkward.

  9. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!

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