It’s November which can only mean that my Reader has exploded with people keeping up with some abbreviated form of I’m going to write a blog post every day for the month of November.

I guess the idea is that daily writing is important to perfect the craft of writing, which I could probably use, but I honestly don’t get it. Especially when the daily post is I don’t have anything to say but I needed to put something on my blog before midnight.

I love the other November daily writing exercise which has to do with starting a novel and writing every day during the month until it is complete—I think this is a neat idea with real merit. But, the daily blogging thing makes me weep when I open up my Reader and see how many posts I have not read, will never get to read, especially with the holiday crush already upon us.

The one good thing about this daily blog posting is that one of my favorites, Halushki, has come out of retirement to write.

Me though? I’m going to lay low for a while longer until the month is over. The internet is already noisy enough.


  1. Issas Crazy World says

    I am finding that some of the people who are doing it, are only posting photos. Which to me, is counter-productive. But whatever. it makes it easy to avoid them.

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