If you asked my sister-in-law if her cup is half-empty or half-full, she’d probably look at you funny and say, “It’s not “half” anything! It’s full! Full-full!

Some of you may remember reading that she had to undergo a double mastectomy for breast cancer back in April 2008. A double mastectomy that meant that her dream wedding and dream honeymoon would be cancelled so that she wouldn’t have to worry about chemotherapy ruining things.

That alone would have crumpled more delicate flowers, but my sister-in-law is made of stronger stuff than that.

Not only did she come visit us a couple of weeks post-op, she got married on the beach shortly thereafter and, oh yeah, went through a surprise pregnancy during chemotherapy.

Then she found out that her baby–her one-and-only baby–had spina-bifida.

But a lot more than nutrients seems to have passed through that umbilical cord: My niece isn’t letting anything slow her down, even walking on her own this year and making me wish more than ever that they didn’t live so far away.

And today, she is two.


Happy Birthday little one, from your family way up here in Massachusetts! We can’t wait to see you next year. And, Nancy (and that cute husband of yours), enjoy that birthday cake and the extra birthday hugs. You (both!) deserve all the love you give back in spades.


  1. Thanks for posting this and for all the well wishes. We cannot wait to see you guys in the spring! Love the picture, too!

  2. Awwwww! Happy birthday you sweet little thing! I hope you enjoy endless fun, adventures and happiness in your next year.

    We can't wait to see you in the spring. (Tell you momma to bring some sunshine, m'kay?)

  3. She is so cute!!

  4. Wow; good for them. Sounds like you've got some pretty special ladies in your family.

    She is adorable.

  5. Twisted Cinderella says

    Happy New Years! Here’s to a fabulous new year!

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