My little bird to the rescue


My youngest, D, (a homeschooled kindergartner) goes to our public school every week for a private speech therapy session. Recently we added occupational therapy, after an evaluation determined he has some gross motor skills that need work. He really likes both therapists and the time he has with them one-on-one.

But he really, really likes his speech therapist’s new shiny iPad.

The first time she pulled it out, his mouth fell open. But when she let him use it to practice sounds, he was beyond thrilled (I wasn’t making it up in my review of Talking Tom).

So, now, at the end of each speech therapy session, she gives him a few minutes on the iPad, presumably to let him relax and have a little fun.

But, I know what she’s doing. She let it slip the last time I saw her.

As I entered the school to pick up my little guy, she came down the hall beaming. “How’d he do?”, I asked. “Great!”, she exclaimed and then she brought her voice down a notch and said, “He got me out of a level of Angry Birds! I had been stuck for ages! He told me this was easy and–poof!–done!”

That’s my boy.


  1. That is too funny! I have a level I'm stuck on – can he help me?

  2. Issas Crazy World says

    Hahaha, I love it. Hey, it's good for um hand eye coordination. Reasoning skills. All that. 😉

  3. Another thing you can try that I have been using is an at home speech therapy in addition to therapy appts. I love it – it's called Speechtails (.com). Good Luck!
    Vikki B, indiana

  4. ah ha ha ha ha! That's my boy! I'm so proud. Now maybe he can help me– on every friggin' level.

  5. That's very funny.

  6. That is hilarious!

  7. Haha I don't get the angry birds craze… just downloaded it… maybe I just haven't played enough yet!

  8. Suburb Sierra says

    Ha ha! Missed this post along the way…Alex has just taken to that game and it's amazing how quickly he blows those pigs away…obsession with the game or with things blowing up – not sure yet?

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