Help a mother out

Oh, mother* can you spare 30 seconds?

My kids have a science experiment due any day now, and have just settled on something they think is pretty neat. But I need your help (and the help of your kids if they are willing).

First please visit this page. You’ll see this:


When you have a moment, click on “Go to first test”. As soon as you see the pictures of animals, read them aloud (focus on the pictures, not the words). When you have reached the last animal, hit “Finish” and write down your time.

Then hit “Continue Experiment”, and as soon as the second test loads, name the animals you see, trying to ignore the words written across their bodies. Hit “Finish” and write down this time.

Then send me your two times, either as a comment to this post, or as an email to: . If your kids do the test too, please let me know the age of each child and whether or not they can read yet.

Thanks so much from a big procrastinator and her kids (who aren’t too pleased that she signed them up for a homeschool science fair without their knowledge).

I’ll accept submissions until Sunday in case you have other family members who want to try it out too. For every result you send me, a fairy gets its wings. Or something like that.

*fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and total strangers are welcome to participate too!


  1. First time: 11.6 seconds
    Second Time: 19.386 seconds

    There ya go! Don't say I never did nothin for ya.

  2. Suburb Sierra says

    Age of child : 41
    First time: 9.714
    Second time: 19.958

  3. That was weird!
    First time: 9.295
    Second time: 20.192

    When Josh gets home from school I'll have him do it too. 🙂

  4. First time: 15.56

    Second time: 24.557

  5. Golden Bryant says

    set 1 21.18
    set 2 21.87

  6. Anonymous says

    First Time: 19.719
    Second Time: 17.359

  7. Anonymous says

    21.031 and 21.796

  8. First – 12.172
    Second – 17.951

    I'm 34 if it matters.

  9. First: 12.324
    Second: 16.318


  10. Age of child: 59

    First: 13.536
    Second: 20.685

  11. First time: 14.399 seconds
    Second Time: 20.236 seconds

  12. oops btw age of child 12 years old.

  13. That was very interesting..

    First time. 14.706
    Second time. 22.34

    Age 30 something..

  14. That's so weird!!

    Age of child: 40 (blech)
    First time: 8.2
    Second: 18.0

  15. Jamie was:

    First: 7.0
    Second: 18.6

  16. I'm 29.


  17. Forever 29! ok, for the sake of science, I'm 32 🙂

    1st 18.945


  18. dampscribbler says

    Wow, my times are really long compared to the others. I blame sleep deprivation.

    Set 1: 22.685
    Set 2: 23.661

  19. dampscribbler says

    Oh, and I'm 44. Beats the alternative.

  20. Oh, golly, I'm slow on the first, too. 16.823 first. 20.137 second.

  21. Chicky Baby says

    Interesting, very interesting.

    1st – 11.665
    2nd – 16. 726

    I'm 38, btw. 🙂

  22. Suburb Sierra says

    Alex age 6:
    He can not read (except sight words)

  23. Suburb Sierra says

    Abby age 8
    And she can read if she puts her mind to it 😉

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