Wordless Wednesday: Through the looking glass

Photos from Jilly’s Eighth Birthday party

My little Alice, barcode and all




first craft: painting tea cup planters; followed by lots of hand washing


Mad Hats extra fun: ring a bell every few minutes to make them change positions so they don’t end up with their starting hat


You wanna know why they are really called “mad hats”? because this is what your floor looks like after they are done making them


Oh, hello Smiley



Not so happy now. . .

Happy Birthday to my beloved daughter



  1. What a fantastic theme! It looks like everyone had a wonderful time, although I do fear for the post-party clean-up.

  2. Suburb Sierra says

    If you ever blog that you aren't "crafty" again, I'm going to call you on it! You do such a great job with every birthday party…I'm sure Miss Alice had a lovely day 🙂 Eight! How are the girls Eight????

  3. what a wonderful idea for a party! this looks like loads of fun, and her alice costume is adorable!

  4. Colleen (Shibley Smiles) says

    Love the theme so creative!

  5. Issas Crazy World says

    Oh happy birthday to your big eight year old.

    That party is genius. You my friend, are a genius.

  6. Aunt Barb says

    I want to be 8 years old again!

  7. hahahaha! LOVE it. What lucky kids you have… I really dig how the cat's smile turned upside down, too!

  8. vintagechic says

    i love it and i will use this for inspiration for my party thankyou!

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