I suck at homework

My kids are pretty lucky they don’t go to school because I’ve come to realize I’m “that mom”. You know, the one whose child doesn’t have their permission slip signed, or their homework done, or their art supplies purchased in time for the first class? Yeah, that’s me.

Now that my kids are older and doing more activities out of the house, I’ve found that I just can’t keep up. I’m the one asking Is there a meeting this week? because I can’t find the Brownie newsletter. I’m the one who forgets to get to the store for supplies before a class.

I can’t even remember to put my girls’ hair in a bun before ballet and after yet another gentle scolding by their teacher, they finally figured out how to do it themselves since I can’t be counted on to remember. Actually, I think this is pretty great. I hate doing hair.

“Don’t forget to send. . .” “Don’t forget to have her finish . . .” “Make sure she brings XYZ to the next meeting. . .”. All of this is like Mommy Homework: Yet another thing for me to do/remember/organize/write down. Oh sure, my girls should be held accountable too, though it always comes back to me as, “you forgot to. . .”

But like the hair bun for ballet, maybe I’m secretly hoping that my girls will figure out that I’m not going to get any better at this at my advanced age and they’ll step up to the plate and stay on top of things.

After all, my days of homework should be long gone.


  1. Amelia Sprout says

    I forgot the costume for the costume party today. The mother-effin end all be all party that they get for good behavior. Oops. I suck at mommy homework. We are not alone either.

  2. I never knew dance classes had such stringent rules until a couple of years ago when I went to see my dad's girlfriend's daughters in a dress rehearsal for a recital.

    The dance teacher sat in the center of the theater barking orders into a headset she wore–"Mothers! You must see that the girls toe shoes are laced tightly! Mothers! This is unacceptable–I should not see strands of hair in your girls' eyes!"

    It was like the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld but it was a dance teacher in charge of little girls?!?!

    When the pressure gets to be too much, sneak into the bathroom and eat chocolate. It always works.

  3. I am the opposite: I always am on top of things. Until I forget to pick up my daughter at dance. Or I forget the contribution to the bake sale at open house. Okay. I guess I used to be on top of things. Thank goodness the kids know what's what.

  4. My mom was the same way. She never remembered to sign papers or wash my dance clothes, etc. A warning from someone who was raised by a mom who forgot to do her homework… You learn how to forge your parents' signatures to keep from getting scolded and sitting in detention during recess 😉

  5. Anonymous says

    Well I am pretty sure that my daughter got a "2" in "completes homework neatly and on time" instead of a 3 because of me.

  6. I'm "that mom." I've forgotten school birthday parties, dance leotards and all manner of other things that really don't interest me. The boy went to school today in shorts. I know full and well that his teacher is tisk-tisking my parenting. I don't care. He won't freeze.

  7. chantelle says

    im with you on this. i try to keep a list so i dont forget things. i even put a big dry erase board up and told the kids to write it down cause i wont remember, but they dont. as far as them stepping up, hasnt happened yet for me. the blame always goes to me when things get forgotten and dont get done.

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