Fine dining is disgusting

We just returned from a long, multi-course dinner without the kids (yay for vacationing near a babysitting aunt!).

The kids wanted to know exactly what I ate as soon as I got home and was tucking them into bed.

And that is when I realized that there are many foods that sound pretty disgusting if you have to explain what they really are.

“Well. . .I had oysters, with sour cream and caviar on them.”

“WAIT! What is caviar?”

“Um, fish eggs. They were red and black!”, trying to sound cheerful.

“BLURGH!!!! You ate FISH EGGS?!?” Their eyes widened in shock and awe.

“Well, yes, but they were on the oysters. Which were raw and I slurped them down off the shell.”

“WHAT?!?” (looks of disgust all around) “OK, what else.”

“Well, I tried Uncle Ray’s escargot. It was really yummy. And chewy.”

“What is THAT?”

“Um, escargot is snail.”

(imagine the reaction)

Next time, I’m telling them I got the pasta.


  1. Uck! Blurgh! I am having the same reaction!

    Snails! Ick!

  2. Rebecca @ The Reluctant Housewife says

    I remember the first time I had escargo. I was on a cruise with my grandparents. They were pretty old school and my choices were 1)escargo or 2) cold carrot soup. I don't know if you've ever had cold carrot soup, but it's worse than escargo to a 10 yr old. I downed that escargo and I actually fell in love with it! But, you're right, when you think about it, your kids are right…it's kinda disgusting.

  3. @SierraSez says

    Reminds me of dinners at Wesley's with Money & the crew – rabbit, ostrich, buffalo – all of those are meant to be roaming the MidWest but were delicious prepared with the right sauce 🙂 Glad you had fun and enjoyed your trip!

  4. Nan | WrathOfMom says

    That meal sounds like heaven. Personally I don't think I'm truly on vacation unless I eat seafood once a day.

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