Homeland security

We’re leaving on a trip soon, and I’ve put the children in charge of packing their own carry-on backpacks with toys, books and craft projects that will keep them occupied on the plane or in the airport.

Before I sent them off to start packing, I gave a little speech about not packing anything liquid, like lotion (my middle would be sure to pack hand cream), or sharp (my oldest is bound to grab her nail clippers at the last minute and toss them into her bag).

It’s a good thing I’ve decided to also go through their bags to make sure they don’t bring, say, every stuffed animal, but nothing to read. Because, while glancing at my son D’s bag, I noticed he had packed rocks.

Pretty heavy rocks that would cover the palm of his little hand.

I was just about to call him over and tell him that rocks really aren’t a great thing to have to carry through an airport when I realized what the rocks were in: His homemade catapult.

Let’s all spend a moment to consider how airport security would have treated finding a homemade catapult filled with rocks in it (for easy firing!) when they came upon it.

I think we all know whose bag I will be packing on my own now.


  1. Laura Scarborough says

    oh no!! this would be my son too. too funny.

  2. Issas Crazy World says

    He wanted to play real life Angry Birds?

  3. He rocks! Pun, totally intended.

  4. Oh, it's Angry Birds.

    I would never let me kids pack, or I'd have a bag of Legos for one and tutus, rain boots and a barrette for the other.

  5. Suburban Correspondent says

    Bon voyage! Are you going somewhere exciting?

  6. That is hilarious! Who would have thought that you had to also cite that weaponry is forbidden.

  7. Amelia Sprout says

    Points for having a homemade catapult. I doubt they would have known what it was, but they may not have liked the rocks…

  8. Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog says

    He's got his priorities. And creativity!

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