(not so) Tiny dancers

I spent many, many hours sitting in a dance studio this year. All three of my kids took dance this year: Belly in Ballet 2/3, Jilly in Beginner Ballet and even D who took an all-boys’ hip-hop class.

Sunday there were two recitals. And I got to help get them dress up to look like this:


Be still my heart—who are these big kids?

The girls were in both shows, D was only in the matinee though he danced twice. There were technical difficulties in his first performance that cut the boys off before they could do what all us parents were dying to see them do: Freestyle.

If you have never seen ten little boys under the age of 8 freestyling, I’m sorry.


D perfecting his freestyle headstand


A perfect “X”!

I love seeing Belly dancing on stage because I think it shows how far she’s come—anxiety or not, that girl can conquer it and do this:



I love her hands in this photo

Belly has what I call “Tall Girl Shoulders”. I should know, I had them too. Her ballet teacher and I are always reminding her to stand up tall and proud, not an easy thing when you are near girls who quite literally a head shorter.


But dance is helping.

And then there is Jilly. When she was three and in a little YMCA dance class, the teacher pulled me aside and said, “she needs to get into a real dance class.

She takes my breathe away on stage because for a child who can trip over air and create so much noise, it’s amazing how much she transforms into a tiny ballerina when the music starts.

My husband later lamented that he didn’t get any good pictures of Jilly dancing. I think he was too spellbound to put the camera in front of his face.


I took this photo at the dress rehearsal

Next year, Belly will leave ballet for lyrical jazz and hip hop. Jilly will move to Ballet 2/3 and is adding hip hop too. D is undecided but I really hope he sticks with hip hop because he is so much fun to watch.

I must be crazy. I have pretty much insured I’ll be sitting in the dance studio twice as long next year. But, it’s the day after the recital, and my head is filled with the visions of my dancing sugarplums.

Encore! Encore!


  1. Always Home and Uncool says

    Beautiful wee ones there.

  2. Oh SO beautiful! Can't believe that these little people can do THIS! <3

  3. Issas Crazy World says

    Welcome to my world. Ha. My oldest has done some form of dance for years. My middle one starts hip-hop this fall. She's decided she's done with gymnastics.

    I love it. Honestly, I'd rather sit in a studio instead of watch 300 games of soccer every weekend.

    In May my daughter had her performance. The little group of hip-hop boys was one of my favorites. You just can't beat how cute they are.

  4. Goddess in Progress says

    Beautiful dancers! My little ones are starting dance class tomorrow, and I'm eager to see if they like it. I know I may be condemning myself to hours spent waiting in a studio, but we're still at that age where I'm trying to figure out exactly what's going to interest them and where their skills lie.

  5. Chicky Chicky Baby says

    You and that husband of yours make some beautiful kids, C. But when did they get so BIG?

  6. Boston Mamas says

    LOVE. Just love!

  7. I was so honored and delighted to be there. The wide-eyed look on my little gal's face told me I will also spend many years in a dance studio.

    D made me laugh and shout. Belly made me break out in goosebumps– beautiful and soooo tall like her mom. And Jilly, well, she took my breath away. She is like a feather. I imagine her toes don't make a sound when the touch the floor.

    Love em.

  8. I have to say you have such beautiful children!

    Just beautiful!

  9. If my kid had classes like yours I'm almost certain I wouldn't dread the whole thing so much.

    Ours pays more attention to where the recital will be held (professional stage!!!!) than actually teaching the kids the basics of dance.

    Le sigh.

    Aside: My word verification is "Brativic." Perhaps it's trying to tell me something.

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