The Real Independence Day

Just got the call:

After 10 1/2 years, my Belly is no longer allergic to milk!


So, if it were you, what would be the first thing you’d try?

(Updated to add: Her first food choice? Pretzel M&M’s)


  1. Golden Bryant says

    Ice cream!


    Her cousins were jumping up and down with glee. Nothing makes us happier than the thought of taking you ALL for soft serve at Captain Frosty's while we're vacationing on the Cape.

  3. Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog says

    OMG! That is SO EXCITING!! Ice cream, baby. REAL ice cream! Congrats to her! I hope it stays AWAY.

  4. AnnetteK says

    Yay for Belly, that's fabulous! There are so many things I love with milk in it I wouldn't know where to start. Lobster dipped in butter. Crab dip made with cream cheese. A root beer float. Anything with milk chocolate in it. I could go on all day!

  5. Hurray!!!!

    Ice cream! And pizza! (but probably not together. maybe.)

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  6. Great news!
    Ice cream, no doubt.

  7. Ice Cream.


  8. Issas Crazy World says

    Dairy Queen Blizzard. Or bagel and cream cheese. Hard choice.

    Also YAY BELLY!!!!

  9. Julie B. says

    That is fabulous!!!! Just a word of caution, she hasn't needed to digest dairy, ummmm ever, so she may not have LOTS Of lactase enzyme in her system. I'd take it slow.

    And I'd start off with REAL pizza with REAL cheese!

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