Broken hearted

There are few things as sad as the heartbreak of a little boy who has dropped his latest LEGO creation to the ground.



  1. My son just did that this morning! You would have thought that he just killed a living being.

  2. Michael Allen says

    Oh, I know. I know. 🙁

  3. Michael Allen says

    That was me (Jessica) on Michael's profile again. Damn Blogger.

  4. my son was probably in fourth grade and was writing a novel on the computer. my brother is a published professor and my son thought he would help him get published. he wouldn't let me read it and I respected his privacy. Well, after about three months of daily writing, poof. deleted. I gave him three days and then he had to drop the sulk. He was back writing in two weeks and that recovery time has held through the years. he's 20 and a honors J school student at mizzou.

  5. Oh, my heart. I've so been there.

  6. Annie @ PhD in Parenting says

    The only thing worse is when I stepped on it, so there is his heartache, my footache, and a lot of blame and guilt all combined.

  7. Look at that heartbreak! Poor guy.

  8. Nan | WrathOfMom says

    Oh, the poor lil' fella.

  9. Sadness.

    Nothing fixes heartbreak like a dog!

  10. Josette at Halushki says


    That is the saddest photo ever.

    Poor guy.

  11. What a bummer!
    I hope he dried his tears and made something else that was cool!

  12. What a bummer!!!
    I hope he dried his tears and made something else that was cool!

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