Feelin’ Furry

At long last, we have made the decision to (finally) adopt a dog. 
We’ve been without a pet for almost a year, and the house is too fur-free and quiet without something on four legs getting under our feet. And though part of me wants to get a dog-bird-cat-chickens all at once and just deal with the madness, the other part of me is smart and knows better.
So, we’re adopting a dog. A little girl who is two years old and was found outside of the animal rescue center in a rain storm. The rescue group named her “Star” because they say a guiding star led her to them. A little biblical for my tastes, but I’ll go with it, and the kids seem to like it. And D can pronounce it, so that’s a plus.
Star will arrive from the midwest via some sort of doggie bus in about a week. In the meantime, I’ve been frantically emailing Tania for advice. I think she accidentally even offered to live here for a few weeks to train our new family member, so I’ll be driving by to kidnap pick her up right after we get our little Star.
I can’t wait to eat your shoes!

Oh, this will be fun. I’ve never owned a dog! Adventure! Dog hair! Someone who will love me unconditionally and never say “You Are The Meanest Mommy Ever!
Star, we can’t wait for you to join us.


  1. Nan | WrathOfMom says

    Congratulations. She's beautiful! In my mind, homeschooling and furry freeholders go hand-in-hand.

  2. Josette at Halushki says

    What a beauty!!!!

    I think we're on the same path within the next year.

    I'll be paying attention (and possible asking Tania to move in.) 🙂

  3. She's gorgeous! I might have invite myself over to meet her. 😉

  4. Chicky Chicky Baby says

    I can't wait to meet her!

    But if I'm going to come live with you and train Star I'll need a few things: Egyptian cotton sheets, my own bathroom and a constant supply of coffee, wine and Nutella. And if you could separate the blue M&Ms from the other colors, that would be great too.

  5. Mom on the Verge says

    Shoot, I just want someone in the house who'll do what they're told without whining!

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