Let’s hear it for the (geeky) girls

If I had to pick one catalog that sums up my kids’ wish lists for this holiday, it’d be the LEGO catalog for my son, the American Girl catalog for Jilly, and Think Geek for my oldest daughter, Belly.
Today, she was musing about her favorite items as we drove around town.
First, there is this tee, from one of her favorite movies (you know which one this is, right?). And, yes, her accent is perfect.

Then bacon + chemistry = funny! Also, funny—she mentioned two t-shirts as her “favorites” in one breath and then reminded me that she won’t wear a t-shirt. She’s quirky like that.

Finally a giant gummy bear that lights up? Is this geeky or just awesome? I’m going with awesome. Can’t wait until she opens this one (thanks Auntie Nancy!).
Let’s hope this love of geeky things translates into a love for math before we hit Algebra.


  1. I believe their tee shirts are buy one get one 50% off now or something. We brought my husband the bacon shirt last year. This year, Alex (age 10) list was mostly from TG as well. She's getting the "welcome to the dark side, we have cookies" shirt. I'm still kicking myself for not getting the geeky kids bed sheets before they were discontinued.

    All three girls have the "geek" shirt and love to wear it.

  2. Amelia Sprout says

    I am waiting for M, who is only four, to enter the age where she shops from there. As it is, her dad has her buying miniatures from the gaming store, she's getting Wonder Woman stuff for Christmas, and she's taking computer classes at daycare.
    I was worried about "letting" her be a geek at one point, because I remember being teased, but the reality is, she was going to be one just by having us as parents. Might as well encourage it.

  3. Issas Crazy World says

    I have spent hours looking at that website. They have some great things.

  4. Love the gummy bear lamp! I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award over at http://fromtherootsup.blogspot.com

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