Seven years gone


I took the kids to LaSalette Shrine a few towns from me—we go almost every year to see the gorgeous lights. I also use this as my crash course in Religion 101, since my son will always ask—loudly—“Who is THAT GUY?” when he sees any statue of Jesus Christ. This year, after my hasty explanation of the nativity scene, the crucifixion scene and a general explanation of Christianity in general, he pronounced, “I don’t think I believe in evolution anymore. I believe in God.” Wow, I’ve got the touch.

Normally, we head to LaSalette at the end of November, before the crowds of people descend on the place, but we were late this year. Fortunately, we arrived by 6pm which was still crowded but not the madhouse it was an hour later. 

I remembered as we parked the car that we were here on the anniversary of my father’s death, seven years ago. So, we walked up to the little sales window and bought a couple of candles to light in the flickering room of memorial lights. I lit the one above for my dad. The kids lit the other one for Cally, my sweet cat who died last year on this same day. I heard D whispering, “I pray that Cally comes back to life.”

I think if that happens? He’s giving up evolution for good.

Miss you Daddy! You’d love these little munchkins so much, and I hope you are somewhere watching us all from above, cheering us on.


  1. Oh, he is. And laughing his ass off at his pro-evolution and reincarnation grandson.

    Hard to believe it's been seven years. xox

    And funny– my word verification is "blesspa". Amen.

  2. I love D! He's a hoot!

    And methinks I woulda loved your Dad!


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