How to fall in love with winter. . .

I have a foolproof way to fall in love with winter.

Just grab three tween girls who aren’t embarrassed to be seen with you.

Dress warmly! Winter is cold.

Find a hill, a tube, and someone who will give you a good push.


Repeat, over and over again, until you cannot feel your cheeks from cold, wind burn and smiling.

Video taken at Amesbury Sports Park in Amesbury, MA. And, yes, this 44-year-old mama was the one with the camera. And the screech.


  1. I went tubing last year for the first time, and I adored it. Looks like you gals all had a blast. Great!

  2. The Christina-cam! Tubing is fun!

  3. Aw yea. What a blast. The last time I went tubing was before I had kids. How old do you think the kids should be?

  4. Fairly Odd Mother says

    There were loads of 4 year olds, but I'd say only bring kids who love speed and don't mind a little snow blowing into their face. Otherwise, you get stuck on the kiddie "bump" and that looks no fun at all.

    (kids under 6 must wear a helmet but they have some to loan)

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