Musical Beds

–round and round she goes/where she stops/nobody knows–

This is a picture of my comfy, king-size bed:


I share this with my husband, John. Most nights. Often, nestled against me is my son, D, who sneaks in around 3am.

This is D’s bed, in his newly painted bedroom. 


However, he doesn’t sleep in this bed. My daughter Jilly has decided she likes this bed. She now sleeps here, often with our dog Star stretched out along the bottom.

Where does D sleep now? 


He’s here, with his sister Belly, in her crowded bed. 

And here is Jilly’s bed. 


It used to be a loft but she didn’t like being up high  so John cut the legs down for her. Of course, no one sleeps there right now.

Though I ended up in it with Belly last night. Until D woke me up, and I ended up in Belly’s bed with him.

Confused???? Yes. So am I. 


  1. That's awesome! Love it!

  2. My girls are like that too sometimes, although thankfully, Jules is now sleeping in her own room 6/7 of the week. But often I'll find Jules and Char snuggled up in bed together. And they switch beds on a fairly regular basis – stripping them down and remaking them (they share a room and have bunk beds). Alex is the only one who stays in her bed alone (and I don't blame her, she has the most comfortable bed in the house!). Although occasionally I'll find her snuggled up on the floor in a cocoon of blankets and pillows. Or in her rounded chair by the window.

  3. Ohhhh! the beds are made! *kidding*

  4. Do they all go to bed at first in their own beds and then sneak around in the middle of the night?

  5. I've often said that the term "I never know where I'll wake up in the morning" has a different meaning than how people used it during the college days.

  6. We are so boring. Michael and I have slept in the same bed together since 1997. Benjamin has slept in his own bed since the day he came home from the hospital.

    We all sleep through the night and wake up the next day–all, in our own beds.

    Are WE weird?

  7. It's a traveling circus here each night. One morning I kinda expect to wake on the kitchen counter.

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