Wordless Wednesday – Whoa, Pinterest!

(my blog traffic after this post was shared on Pinterest, as of Wednesday at 7:41am):


Ironically, I do not even have a Pinterest account.


  1. keiths ramblings says

    Odd and very Pinteresting!Must check it out.

  2. Issas Crazy World says

    That is very funny. Go you!

  3. I may be the only person in the world who has yet to check out pinterest. i am about to stop being a hold out and see what all the fuss is about.

  4. Margaret Almon says

    Checking out Pinterest was like finding my native language! But it does expand to fit whatever time I have available for it. . .

  5. bitchetarian says

    Hooray! Congratulations – the pinterest jackpot 🙂 And well-deserved, it was a great post!

  6. So, how does the traffic look today? Outside of the initial spike, has it improved your overall traffic?

    cd :O)

  7. Fairly Odd Mother says

    Hi Chris,

    That initial 25K? Yeah, that hasn't held up BUT traffic has remained impressive—I had another 10k+ day last week and then it's been steadily between 600-1000 page loads (keep in mind that a good day for me is about 150 page loads). It seems that the same post is getting passed around Pinterest. I don't expect everyone to convert to regular readers, though I've had about 50 new Facebook fans. For a little blog like mine, it's been very interesting to watch.

  8. Jennifer Laycock says

    Hey there,

    I've been looking around for contact info on your page and can't find any. I'm currently writing a book on Pinterest and would love to use your traffic explosion as an example. Would you be open to that? If so, could you please drop me an email at thejenn at gmail dot com? I'll explain what I'm looking for in the email.

    Thank you!

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