School Break

It’s February Vacation up here—a week off for public school kids. Or, as my sister calls it, “The Week The School Cleans Everything With Bleach Because Every Kid Has Been Sick”. 

I love when my kids’ school friends hear that we “do school” this week. They look at them in horror. But, really, what am I going to do this week? Visit a museum? Hell no! The crowds! We do all those field trips when everyone else is in school!

I also fail to mention to them that when we “do school” this week, it takes us about an hour to hit the major subjects. And we stay in our PJ’s until about 10. Or 11.

Unfortunately, our week has been even less productive than planned because my oldest got hit with the stomach bug Tuesday night. The rest of us feel fine but it’s been an excellent reason to curl up on the couch with a movie, order grocery delivery service, and drink lots of ginger ale.

And we wait to see if anyone else catches it. I just hope we aren’t sick next week. I feel like going to a museum.


  1. Or it should be "the week I HOPE the school cleans everything with bleach…" I think they should leave every window open. Blurgh.

  2. Ugh. The norovirus has got its grubby hands on all of us! No snow days and a late spring break (April) just allows those pesky germs to fester, I tell ya!

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