Fun (and history) with Peeps

After seeing the Peeps dioramas in the Washington Post, the kids were dying to make their own crafty-sweet versions. I agreed to let them go wild, under one condition: They had to make a scene depicting something we’d covered so far this year in history. And we got their two friends who do history with them involved too. 

I think what they came up with is pretty great. . .

Columbus sailing to the New World by my son, age 7:


Here are the native people waiting for his arrival:


Poor Verrazano meeting an unfortunate end with a bunch of hungry cannibals, by my friend’s son, age 8 (I love him in the pot over the fire!):


Pocahontas saving John Smith, by my friend’s daughter, age 11:


Pilgrims working hard on their new land, by Jilly, age 9:


And, finally, the Salem Witch Trials, by Belly, age 11:


(look at the poor googly-eyed “witch”!)

And, yes, many Peeps were harmed in the making of these scenes. (burp)


  1. Julie Marsh says

    Love this. Your creativity in education always impresses me!

  2. Those are beyond fabulous, I love it!

  3. Die Witch!! That made me laugh out loud!

  4. Awesome…..C&A&friends

  5. teresacooks says

    Love them!

  6. These are so so awesome! You make all homeschoolers look good.

  7. LOL….I love your comment the most :)…..burp

  8. oh i love these. so getting some for my kids to create with this weekend, though i fear a little – witches, cannibals, oh my!

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