Fun (and history) with Peeps

After seeing the Peeps dioramas in the Washington Post, the kids were dying to make their own crafty-sweet versions. I agreed to let them go wild, under one condition: They had to make a scene depicting something we’d covered so far this year in history. And we got their two friends who do history with them involved too. 

I think what they came up with is pretty great. . .

Columbus sailing to the New World by my son, age 7:


Here are the native people waiting for his arrival:


Poor Verrazano meeting an unfortunate end with a bunch of hungry cannibals, by my friend’s son, age 8 (I love him in the pot over the fire!):


Pocahontas saving John Smith, by my friend’s daughter, age 11:


Pilgrims working hard on their new land, by Jilly, age 9:


And, finally, the Salem Witch Trials, by Belly, age 11:


(look at the poor googly-eyed “witch”!)

And, yes, many Peeps were harmed in the making of these scenes. (burp)


  1. Julie Marsh says:

    Love this. Your creativity in education always impresses me!

  2. Those are beyond fabulous, I love it!

  3. Die Witch!! That made me laugh out loud!

  4. Awesome…..C&A&friends

  5. teresacooks says:

    Love them!

  6. These are so so awesome! You make all homeschoolers look good.

  7. LOL….I love your comment the most :)…..burp

  8. oh i love these. so getting some for my kids to create with this weekend, though i fear a little – witches, cannibals, oh my!

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