I think there is a reason it reads as "die"

We are one week from my Elementary-Level Destination Imagination team’s regional competition. Otherwise known as DI.

I am so tired.

Our team is doing a challenge that includes both a skit and a balsa-wood structure that must hold weight and collect golf balls. Somehow these two must be related.

The competition is March 17. Yet, my little four-person team does not yet have a structure, a complete script, finalized set, or finished props. 

Did I saw I was tired?

Ever try to motivate four distracted 8-9 year olds who aren’t really sure they want to do this anymore? And, if you know DI, you know there is only so much “motivating” I can do before I step into the sticky mess of “interference”, a dirty word in DI circles. 

(You know why the dads build 99% of those pine wood derby cars in Cub Scouts? Because without “interference”, you age about 25 years.)

But, I guess it’s good that we have the interference clause because it’s kept me from wringing my daughter’s neck when, instead of painting her ONE prop, she decides to run outside and play with her friends.

Hands off, hands off, hands off. My new mantra. 

I hope I survive this.

And, yes, I already have a pedicure scheduled for the 18th. May have to throw a massage and facial on top of that.


  1. Wow, that sounds exhausting but VERY cool. I'm looking into this for next year!

  2. I refuse to let my kids do DI until middle school. I would DIE.

    Ironically, we got together with friends to do derby cars tonight. The kids are asleep but the dads are still "consultIng."

  3. "Because without "interference", you age about 25 years." Spot on!

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