Can you tell we are related?

all credit for this goes to my sister, Karen, who posted this, word-for-word, on Facebook: 

The phone conversation we never had…

Karen: What are you wearing on Easter?

Christina: I think something black and white. It’s classic.

Karen: Yeah, me too! Let’s match!

Christina: But maybe we need a bit of color. Somewhere.

Karen: I know! Tights!

Christina: Purple ones! Perfect!

Karen: And don’t forget to wear your glasses.


yes, totally coincidental


Edited to add: Turns out, we’ve been dressing alike for quite a few years:


My sister Karen and I, wearing our mushroom suits!


  1. Hee hee hee.
    Patois recently posted..Degrees of SeparationMy Profile

  2. I know of only two people in the world who would own purple tights, and they are both in this picture!

  3. I’m trying to decide if I prefer her heels or your boots. Can’t decide — I love them both. I’m coming right over to steal them. Be a pal and leave the front door unlocked. x0x0

    PS — I’ll take the mushrooms suits, too. SO CUTE!!!!!!!
    Nan | recently posted..Once Upon A Time.My Profile

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