Signs I may be getting old. . .

I’m more than a little shocked that I will be turning 45 in a few short months (July, in case you want to start planning a cake). But there are definitely signs that I’m not a spry young thing anymore.

* The hands I see at the bottom of my wrists look suspiciously like they belong to an older woman.

* I see the scale creep up and, instead of starving myself down to the weight of my 30’s, I buy the next size up in pants. Without apology.

* The story of Green Day is being made into a musical. A musical!

* I don’t chew ice, nuts, or hard candy with as much abandon because I know I’m one bite away from my second crown.

* My daughter tells me that the hair color I just picked out at the store would look awesome! On a fifteen year old. (I put the box back on the shelf.)

*Starbucks’ Vanilla Latte suddenly tastes too sweet.

* I finally meet Sarah Shannon, the cool former lead of Velocity Girl and current lead of kindie band The Not-Its!, and we talk about how our overused uteruses will never let us enjoy a bounce house again.

* I worry about morality (and literacy) in America when 50 Shades of Grey is on The New York Times Bestseller list.

* I don’t even pretend to wear contacts anymore because my glasses are so much more convenient.

* My first born finishes Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret? and has no questions.

* I take the kids out for ice cream and don’t really feel like getting any. So I don’t.

* I buy shoes from Zappos’ “Comfort” section. And love them.

Make me feel better. . .What signs make you feel like you are getting old? 


  1. Ah, my hands are a disaster! And I have a few of those “age spot” patches in random places. How quickly this happened!
    karianna recently posted..C’mon and Blog, Get Happy! Put on a Happy Face!My Profile

    • Kari, after a week in Florida last year, I walked into the bright bathroom lights of the airport restroom and almost fainted b/c my cheeks had become one GIANT freckle! How had I not noticed that before? Thankfully, it faded this winter but I know it’s just waiting to reappear when I start getting into the sun. And that is with SPF 50! Ack!

  2. The fact that they are playing 80’s music on the oldies station!

  3. We are young at heart. Which makes me realize that every white-haired lady is young at heart, too. Which makes me wish I had been kinder when I was younger… You are YOUNG because you are young at heart. And totally dye your hair the color you want. Poo poo on little kids who care about appearances.
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  4. Oh no, Velocity Girl! Say it ain’t so! (Oh, it’s so. So very so.)

    For me…
    – I heard Prince on the oldies station.
    – I start planning an exit strategy when I feel the need to sneeze.
    – I pretend tankini’s are two-pieces. And I prefer them to one-pieces because it’s far easier to go to the bathroom.
    – I’m chatting with a friend/fellow preschool mom and realize she graduated from my alma mater! Seven years earlier!
    – Sometimes half a sandwich for lunch is enough.
    – My sister mentions planning our next big girlfriend getaway. For our 50th.
    – Those aren’t considered freckles anymore.
    – Val Kilmer.
    Mrs. Q. recently posted..So you want to be a rock star?My Profile

    • I just spit onto my monitor after googling “Val Kilmer”. . .awesome. . .and, yes, the Oldies station is more “hit” than “miss” lately (and I do the subtle, cross the legs at the knee thing when I sneeze).

  5. I no longer wear shorts that fall above the knee…too much cellulite and varicose veins to hide!
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  6. Shannon says

    couple more…it is getting harder and harder to pluck out the gray hair. And realizing I am almost out of the 30-39 bracket.

  7. shar133 says

    Reading glasses!!!!! going to bed early to “get a good start on the day” (since by noon, half the day is gone), and my recent edict – no drinking on work nights

  8. * I still recognize my hands but my hair belongs to my grandmother.
    * My neack (which I used to think of as my best feature) belongs on a turtle.
    * I’m starting to actually FEEL like I want people to “Get off my lawn.”
    and the worst …
    * It’s MEAN that the nursing home staff (who are all taking cigg breaks during feeding times) tell me I look “exactly like my mother. Like a twin,” right?
    toyfoto recently posted..It’s a good thing you live here …My Profile

    • Christina says

      I have no idea what my hair really looks like b/c I’ve been coloring it for so long. But that nursing home staff? Ack! I hear “You guys must be sisters” all the time too. . .I think we’re supposed to take that as, “our parents age well. . .” but, still. . .

      • Yeah … It would be one thing if my mom were out hiking with me … or even shopping … (I say that knowing mother/daughter comparisons are always dangerous and emotional) but she’s in a nursing home, at 72, after suffering a stroke. I can’t think of a situation where such a comparison would be taken as a compliment.

        Better left unsaid.
        toyfoto recently posted..It’s a good thing you live here …My Profile

  9. Okay, have you noticed that gravity has just taken hold of everything on your body and pulled down? Really, from the boobs to the bottom!

    • Christina says

      Aha! Here is one thing that doesn’t affect me too much! These A cups don’t really have anywhere to go b/c there isn’t anything TO them, and I’ve always been among the flat-bottomed. Though I kind of wish the skin under my chin would stop threatening to turn into chicken neck.

  10. I put down candy the other day without buying it thinking…my teeth don’t need this. I was completely okay with it.

    I found the Red Velvet Ben & Jerry’s ice cream WAY too sweet.

    I love going to bed at 9pm. My birthday present was a 4 inch memory foam bed topper and it makes me happier than any other present I’ve received in years.

    My oldest is reading Bridge to Terabithia. Which I remember reading at her age. (how this is possible, I have no clue.)
    Issa recently posted..This morningMy Profile

    • Christina says

      My oldest just read Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret. Sob. And the bedtime thing? YES. (I also have a full metal crown from breaking a tooth on something innocent. Just call me granny.)

  11. But now getting older is so much different. People have internet.

    So much different! And better too!
    And not only because people share their feelings and everybody realized that older people are basically the same as younger folks – with some differences.

    Take away the age difference and we have the same guy! The same will to live, the same passion for cars, woman’s and all the other stuff that youngsters do and like. Just that maybe older people are “not allowed” to do some stuff otherwise they will be labeled “immature” …perhaps crazy sometimes.

    But what else? Health and look!
    Yeah i know – not for everyone. But 30 years ago a 40-50 year old guy looked like a 60-70 guy today!
    (or maybe it’s my imagination?) Same for woman’s.

    Sure if you trashed yourself whole life you’ll look like 40 at 25 ! I looked at my friends from school and some look terrible – those who drink a lot.

    Concluding …nah no conclusion 🙂
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  12. I have started going to bed earlier, because suddenly I am more sensible about not wanting to feel lke crap the next day.

    My hands look like my mother’s. I hate it. So much.

    I see commercials for skin care products for “mature skin” and realize they are directed at me.

    I stopped wearing shorts after getting a look at the backs of my knees in that horrible three-way mirror in a dressing room. Those mirrors are just cruel.
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