Let’s Play “Match the Child to their Christmas List”

The cast of characters:

Almost-13 year old girl. Wants to be 15. Spends days with headphones on and iPod in hand.

10 1/2 year old girl. Loves the “big girls”, but not quite ready to leave behind her little-girl ways

9 year old boy. Has no concept of “budget” yet.

List #1

LEGO Mindstorms EV3; Minecraft for PC; Swedish fish; LEGO sets; soda; money; iPhone; email account; candy; remote-control helicopter-car-boat; a bird; a rat; DS games; Wii games; a trip to anywhere; Wii U; a go-cart; iPad; a boat; a car; a kite; a Wii remote; a sled; laser guns

List #2

iPhone 5S (or 5C); EM Cosmetics: Life Pallet in “Day Life”, lipstick in light pink, lip gloss, concealer, eyebrow touch up, definition enhancer; SORRY! (the game); Just Dance 2014; Otterbox in Berry; Noise-canceling headphones; Divergent 4+6 necklace; Divergent rings; Totoro plushie

List #3

Good-smelling perfume; purse that goes around shoulder; Elizabeth’s hair fixed (her American Girl doll); a bedside table; a picture or poster–in pink–to go next to bed; her ears pierced; pink water bottle (to match bedroom)

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