Our weekend trip to another galaxy (or maybe just San Francisco)

I will post details when I have a moment, but I’m bursting with all the memories my little guy, D, and I has this weekend and wanted to share a few photos:




Sometimes, I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

Ubisoft’s 12 Days of Giveaways: With Just Dance 2, I’m either the Ladies Dancing or the Lords a’Leaping

This post is part of a sponsored series from Ubisoft, celebrating “12 Days of Giveaways.” See below for how you can enter up to 12 times to win fun and family-friendly video games.

Back in August, for one fleeting moment, I was a dancing queen.

You remember, right?

It was BlogHer 2010 in the Ubisoft booth on the Expo Floor. Battle of the Bloggers was taking place on the Just Dance 2 stage, and I had somehow won the semi-finals dancing to Beyonce’s Crazy in Love.

So it was on to the finals, to dance to The Rockafeller Skank by Fatboy Slim. It was close, oh so close, but I didn’t win. Though I did manage to get all of my limb-flailing and lip-biting on film for all to see.

Ever since seeing these videos, my kids have been bugging me for a copy of Just Dance 2, and they are leaping out of their skin knowing that one is on its way to our home Right Now. (the first didn’t make it in here on time, but I’ve been assured a replacement is on its way; back away children) And just as soon as I can get goofy film of my family dancing? You can bet I’ll post some video up for all to see. I’m fair like that.

(UPDATE: ok, I did get video of my husband and brother-in-law dancing to Jungle Boogie, but in the interest of preserving my marriage and family relations, I will not post it here. Instead you can read about my latest feelings about Just Dance 2 here)
Want your own copy of Just Dance 2? Leave me a comment below and tell me which song you’d pick first if you win.

CONTEST IS CLOSED! Congratulations to commenter #37, Greenlancer who will get to try out Proud Mary very soon.

Thanks to everyone who entered to win!

Can’t wait? Just Dance 2 is also available on both Amazon and Toys-R-Us, though Amazon squeaks a dollar off the price.


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Get ready: I’m a UbiChamp

I hope this doesn’t sound too boastful, but I am a Champion. Cue the Queen music now.

Yes, I’m now an official product reviewer, or UbiChamp, for Ubisoft Games.

Now, some may find this amusing since I’m a bit of a spaz when it comes to video games. But my kids are thrillllllled beyond belief that we’re going to be testing new games over the next few months. And, I am thrilled to hear that several of these games will be active ones that will get us moving around, especially when the temperature starts to drop.


Here is me with the Raving Rabbid, my new BFF.

Over the next few months, you will see an occasional review and giveaway of a new game we’ve been trying out, along with the hilarity I’m sure that will ensue from me trying to learn how to play each game.

Today, I got a sneak peak of some of their up-and-coming games, the coolest being this amazing bit of technology coming soon to a game called Your Shape: Fitness Evolved:


Yes, that is MINI ME on the screen. And, when I move, Mini Me moves. No controllers to hold. No mats to stand on. Very, very cool.

I am also very hopeful that the Fairly Odd Family will be able to test Just Dance 2.


I cracked up watching people playing it, but I also couldn’t wait to try it out myself. Just look at this great screen shot from the game:


I think I want a wig and some platform shoes to go along with the game.

And, to my kids who are being so great while I’m away, Mommy is bringing you a little something:

For those of you here in New York for BlogHer ’10, check out the Ubisoft booth in Americas Hall 1: It is really fun, no lie.

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