Add that to the Christmas list

Overheard at a friend’s house:

Almost-six-year-old daughter runs into kitchen breathless with excitement over something she’s seen on TV.

“Mommy! Daddy! I saw what I want for Christmas! I want it sooooooooo much!”

“Yes? What is it?”, the parents ask wearily, as this goes on several times a day.

“It’s. . .
um. . .
it’s called. . .


It’s "Thank Your First Commenter Day"! Pass the wine!

Many thanks to Neil for coming up with this way of spreading a little thanksgiving before the actual holiday. His challenge? Find the first person who ever commented on your blog and thank them.

My very first commenter to that post I wrote back in October of 2006 is the barely known blogger (heh) who goes by Mom 101. In response to a post in which I recounted how a drunk boy told me I was “practical”, she wrote:

Okay that is like the single worst thing I think any guy could ever say to a drunk woman in the bar. I mean, “wanna do it in my trailer?” would probably be better than that!

For what it’s worth, practical is not the first thing I think of when I think of you. I think of you in that bleeding heart halloween costume in 92 (eek) and how I thought to myself, now THERE’S someone I could be friends with!

Thank you for this Liz.

I’d also like to send a big thank you to the first person I don’t know outside of blogland who commented on my site: Daisy from Compost Happens who wrote this on my second post titled “Homeschooling Hiccups“. She wrote:

The best way to raise a reader is to read. Keep reading to her, showing her that books are wonderful and fun and contain stories that rock. When she’s developmentally ready, she’ll go for the phonics lessons.

Two posts in, and I was already worrying about my abilities to homeschool. Sounds about right. And, heck, guess what! She was spot on with her advice.

To everyone who has ever visited this blog, who has taken the time to comment, or email, or send me a Tweet, thank you, thank you, thank you. You warm my heart.


Know what else warms my heart? New England Mamas is back! Come and check us out! The digs look the same but we put out some tasty new treats for you all. Enjoy!

It’s good to have foraging friends

I don’t normally eat things I find growing outside.

Those black berries? Will kill you.

See these mushrooms? Don’t even touch!

But, on a recent hike with three other families, I dined al fresco on things we found outside. Things I never, ever would have put in my mouth before.

And it was good.

First we found Hickory Nuts. These round green leathery things just fall out of a (stop me if you know this) Hickory Tree (the Shagbark Hickory in our neck of the woods). The cover pulls away and there is a hard tan nut inside.


Hard tan nut

You just crush the nut with a rock (or, um, your foot) and eat the nut meat inside. We were all like little rabid squirrels trying to get the edible stuff out of the crushed shells.

Then, one of the nature-smart moms looked across the field, pointed and told us to “go!”. So, we went.

Everyone gathered around the bush with the silvery green leaves.

faces swirled on purpose; my friends don’t really look like this

This bush had Buffaloberries all over it. They were red with little yellow dots on them, like speckled jelly beans. They were sour and yummy and plentiful. We ate them like hungry bears.
aren’t they gorgeous?

I may not be able to live in the wild for a week, but I did appreciate learning a few new things. Although, I don’t care who I’m with: I’m never eating a mushroom we find in the woods.

Finally, of all the cool things we learned, my favorite is this:


My little boy just loves big, furry caterpillars.