Reunited and It Feels So Good

Our main reason for traveling to Pennsylvania this month was to visit Fairly Odd Father’s aunt and cousin, two people we have grown very close to over the past few years.

We enjoy seeing them so much and consider them such a part of our family, it is almost hard to believe that they were not at our wedding, didn’t receive our first Christmas cards, weren’t invited up to our home for the first several years of our marriage.

For reasons I can’t discuss, it wasn’t until a few years ago that a curious email found its way onto my husband’s computer. It was his cousin, wondering if this was indeed the same boy she had last seen many years ago. I am so thankful for the internet, for its ability to reconnect people in this way—just one Google search and years of distance went POOF! into history.

And, you know who has benefited most from this reunion? The kids, especially my girls.


They light up when they see their Aunt and their crazy Cousin (who is the one who sent me these photos).


And D? He’s getting there, but I think he really likes the bike.


Vacation, All I Ever Wanted. . .

So, we’re on vacation! And, we’re determined to have a blast despite the world’s crappiest vacation weather. It’s almost like we haven’t even left Massachusetts, where it has been wet for so many days, I swear my home is growing a fine coat of moss.

But, we’ve just spent 5 lovely days in Pennsylvania where we gawked at the Amish, rode an authentic steam train (which is probably destroying the ozone layer as I type), screamed in terror at Dutch Wonderland (what can I say? those swings were S-C-A-R-Y), and soaked up much love and affection from Fairly Odd Father’s adorable aunt and cousin. We also saw UP, the movie, and, let me tell you, that movie is hard to watch from behind two hands pressed over the eyes. Did they really have to make the “high in the sky” scenes so authentic? I was either crying over the plot or cowering in my movie seat with sweaty palms.

One thing though? When did my kids get so loud and restless? I haven’t wished for a tranquilizer gun so much in my entire life.

Today, we took a scenic drive through Philadelphia via Rt 76 and arrived in Ocean City, New Jersey to visit FOF’s aunt and uncle. The rain, bless its little soul, decided to follow us here, but that didn’t stop us from running on the beach and getting what is known as “ocean hair”.

We leave tomorrow, just in time for the sun to come out. Isn’t that a funny coincidence? Ha! Ha!

I’ve also heard that it will be raining when we get back home. I’m putting a hit out on Mother Nature.

Let’s Hope He Doesn’t Check the Phone Bill

When was the last time you reached out and touched someone?

No, not like that. I mean, just called or wrote to an old friend, neighbor or relative with whom you used to share huge chunks of time. (And, no, just “friending” them on some social media site doesn’t count.)

Recently, my husband found an old friend on Facebook. But, more than just adding him to a long list of “friends”, they’ve actually spoken and made plans for our two families to meet this month.

So, it is in that spirit that my dear husband has gone and started a Movement of sorts, to see if other people might be interested in reconnecting with those long, lost souls of our past:


Beginning today, you are all invited to reconnect with a few old friends and family members. If you do it, write about it on your blog or Facebook page, or send me a postcard if you do not yet use the internet to broadcast your personal life to the masses. Let’s spread the love. And, hope that not too many of us hear a phone slam in our ear when we cheerfully re-introduce ourselves.

Think of this as an active meme. C’mon, it’ll give us something to write about this week.

You can even borrow the fancy button above. I’m generous like that.