Facebook ate my blog

I’ve missed this space, really I have. But, Facebook is just so damned easy and accessible that I’ve found myself posting there instead of saving them to craft a “real” post for my blog.

Oh, sure I’ve tried to knock out something fast, as evidenced by my pathetic last post, but I guess my summer brain just isn’t in the mood to string more than a few words together. But to get a sense for what we’ve been doing, here are some of my Facebook status updates from the past month. Hopefully I’ll get my writing mojo back in August.


Another perfect day to spend at the pond with friends and family. I asked John, “Have we ever brought anyone here that has had a bad time? I’m not sure that is possible.”

Just got the call: Negative for milk allergy! 10 1/2 years later and she can finally have an ice cream cone!

Just spent an hour on the phone with an old friend. So great to know that the girl I adored at the age of 9 is still a great friend 34 years later.

Sleepover at Oma’s tonight! Can’t wait to wake up next to the pond.

You know, swimming is not the same as bathing. Guess I should actually take a shower after this weekend. #dirtygirl

Last day with our Fresh Air Child (she leaves tomorrow morning). Will miss her, and will relish a day of doing N-O-T-H-I-N-G too. #exhausted

Spent the day at Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggcha​ubunagungamaugg with my dear friend Michele . And, yes, that is really the name of the lake. Anyone know it’s “nickname”?

If my kids ever go through an “ugly duckling” phase, I’ll show them photos of Neville Longbottom (aka Matthew Lewis) before and after the HP series. . .holy hotness!

Our Pet Sitting is open for business. Currently have our neighbor’s bunny and our friends’ dog. Maybe something with feathers or scales next?

Oh, rats. Just got my letter from the schools requesting our annual reports. Was hoping they’d forgotten.

12 hours of going straight with my little pack of three hooligans. Beach, friends, lake, concert and ice cream. Why can’t it be summer every day?

Vacuuming. It is hot as hell but someone has to do it. Good thing I have a Roomba so it doesn’t have to be me!

Nature walk on the beach with a guide. Great way to start the morning and now we have a pail full of cool-looking shells.

Thanks to grandparents who come to the Cape to babysit so the grown ups can go out for sushi!

Enjoying yet another Frenchie Lick Lick. I’m not sure why my sister calls it that but it’s lemonade with Three Olives Grape Vodka. Mmmmmmm. . . I hope it takes off b/c I’d love to hear people ordering a Frenchie Lick Lick at the bar.

I should be packing. In denial that we leave today.

Home again, home again, jiggity jig. Time to do the laundry.

Flew through two books on vacation and almost wished I had a Nook/Kindle or had loaded books to my iPad. BUT, would you bring them to the beach or poolside? Seems like an expensive toy next to water and/or sand.

You know that saying: “There but for the grace of God go I?” That is the thought that immediately springs into my head whenever I hear of someone planning a trip to Disney World.

What is new with you?


  1. Audrey at Barking Mad says

    Hello there! It's been too long!

    Maybe you and I can challenge each other to post each and every day in August…the NaBloPoMo type thing?!?! Or something like that.

    So you're not going to BlogHer this year? Me either. Oh wait…I never go. *lol* Maybe next year. But then I've been saying that for about 5 years now and I never go.

    I have really bizarre feelings towards Facebook and Twitter and now Google+. I drank the Google+ koolaide even though I swore I never would. It all has me wondering, how much social media, is enough?

    I feel a trip to MA coming on. Lets get together for lunch!

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